The JA-80Z signal repeater

Alarms & Sensors

2925 EGP


  • The JA-80Z signal repeater can extend the range of remote devices whose signal is not strong enough to communicate with the control panel or whose communication is unreliable. .
    The repeater function lies in the retransmission of a signal received from an enrolled device with a little delay. The delay ensures that a possible conflict between the repeater transmission and the transmitting device is avoided. Each device enrolled to the repeater must concurrently be enrolled to the control panel
    ? The repeater has 40 addresses for devices and one address for an OASiS control panel
    ? It copies the state of the PGX, PGY, IW and EW outputs of an OASiS control panel.
    ? The addresses are filled by sequential enrollment. The enrolled devices can only be deleted by resetting the repeater.
    ? Uses an LED and beeper (if connected – just for installing and testing purposes) to indicate the strength of the signal received from enrolled devices.
    ? Compatible with all OASiS detectors and remote controls with the exception of the JA-84P.
    ? It does not support transmissions for JA-8xF keypads, JA-80A sirens and other JA-80Z repeaters.
    Enables a hard-wired detector connection to the INP terminal.

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