Outdoor waterproof detectors

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2599 EGP

ITEM CODE: External device

  • 4-dimensional, all-in-one motion detector.
    * Two PIR sensors.
    * Microwave sensor.
    * Waterproof and all-weather resistant.
    * Pet immune.
    * Frontal Anti-masking, by active infrared.
    * Unique 360° Anti-masking, by microwave.
    * Anti-case-shifting, by inertial switch: Alerts when detector has been shifted (Option).
    * Any adjustment may ALSO execute remotely, from the control-panel.
    * Lighting immune.
    * Microprocessor controlled.
    * Selectable PIR detection sensitivity.
    * Selectable Microwave detection sensitivity.
    * Selectable detection technology combination (AND/OR).
    * Memory latched input.
    * Wide-angle (110°) field-of-view.
    * Auto temperature compensation.
    * High level of RFI/EMI immunity.
    * Vertical adjustment

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