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1010 EGP


  • This device detects fire inside residential or commercial buildings. It replaces the SD-212SP
    Settings: Smoke and heat, smoke or heat, smoke only, heat only. Certified to EN 54 and to EN 14604.
    The detector has a built-in local warning siren combined with a red LED indicator.
    It is powered by Type A or B external uninterruptible power sources in conformity with EN 50131-6, or a security alarm systems control panel.
    It has a selectable alarm memory function where the LED still lights after the alarm state is over.
    The alarm signal output for these control panels is provided by an electronic relay via the OUT terminals.
    A signal concerning detector removal from the holder is available via the TMP terminals.
    The SD-280 detector combines an optical smoke sensor with a heat sensor. Both sensors have their outgoing signals processed digitally, resulting in higher false alarm immunity. The optical sensor works using a light diffusion principle and is very sensitive to the presence of large-sized particles which are characteristic of dense smokes. In particular, the smoke sensor is not capable of detecting the by-products of cleanly-burning fluids such as alcohols, for instance. This deficiency is compensated for by the built-in heat sensor. This sensor provides a slower reaction when compared to the smoke sensor, but is much better at reacting to fires with rapidly rising heat producing only a little smoke.

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