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  • JA-80L Internal mains powered siren

    The JA-80L is a mains-powered (230V AC) siren which sounds an alarm and indicates exit & entrance delays. If disconnected from the power while it sounds an alarm, it reports tampering to the system (i.e. intruder verification). Can also be used as a doorbell and as acoustic indication of detector triggering. Its indicator function is programmable. The siren can be enrolled to the control panel and also wireless detectors, RC controllers, wireless keypad inputs and the JA-80H door bell button can be enrolled to it to generate the desired sound.

    Posible uses:
    - An indoor alarm siren;
    - A wireless door bell;
    - A detector-triggered chime;
    - A sounder for entrance and exit delay beeps;
    - Thief verification.

    The siren is mains-powered and communicates via OASIS wireless protocol. It can form part of an alarm system or be used as a stand-alone device. When used as part of an alarm system, it sounds when an intruder alarm has been triggered and confirms the actual presence of an intruder in the building by sending a tamper signal when it gets unplugged.

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